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Friday, October 27, 2006

Gardening Season is Almost Over

I accomplished quite a bit today. We had a very heavy frost last night, so I spent most of the day outdoors, cutting back the dead growth on many of my perennials. Now my arms and legs hurt, and my right hand & wrist hurt even more (from using the pruners), but it's a good hurt. It's the type of hurt that says, "I worked in the garden today!".

According to the Weather Channel, "A powerful storm system will create havoc across the Northeast this weekend." Hmmm. I don't like the sounds of that!

Our local weatherman says it should start raining here shortly after midnight tonight and all day tomorrow we'll have heavy rain, and possible flooding. We're also going to be under a high wind advisory all day tomorrow and downed trees and power lines are expected. Sunday, colder air is supposed to come in and the rain will change to snow. I think the gardening season is almost over!

On the bright side of things, this week-end is the Fall Cyber Crop at Memory Book Inspirations! Hopefully, I'll get some pages done for my Garden Album!


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