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Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Not to Plant

I was just reading "Scourge of the garden" over at Happy Hobby Habit and it got me to wondering, what plant is more invasive than Aegopodium?

My vote goes for the herb Comfrey (Symphytum). Although it appears innocent enough when it's planted in a permanent location, never try moving it. Every little piece of root you leave behind will develop into a new plant and heaven help you if you rototill the plot where it once grew! When a friend gave me a division from her Comfrey plant (she swears by the external use of comfrey leaves for bruises, sprains and arthritis), I unsuspectingly planted it in a temporary location. Years later, I'm still digging baby Comfrey plants out of that garden, and each time I do, the roots I leave behind from them create NEW baby Comfrey plants!


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